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Traditional method of Transacting:

A customer does any transaction at stores or online and pays via cash/cod or card without any additional benefits.

PointHai method of Transacting:

Here our user purchases Gift Cards from us for transacting which works just like cash or credit card and on doing so earns assured benefits in the form of either freebies and/or rewards and/or pointsback.

Thus, Point Hai.com is a unique concept wherein user earns additional benefits in the form of Freebies, Rewards, Pointsback unlike in the traditional method.

  1. Gift Cards are prepaid stored-value money card which works as currency and which can be used for a specific brand and comes with a validity.

  2. There are two types of gift cards:-

    1. Phyical Giftcard.
    2. E-Giftcard.

Yes, the Terms and Condition are mentioned in the tab along with description of a particular gift card.

Yes, the expiry date varies from brand to brand which are mentioned in the tab along with description of a particular gift card.

Yes, you will get E-mail as well as SMS confirmation once you place the order.

Yes, we will refund or issue a new card as per your order details. You need to mail us at team@pointhai.com within 10 days from date of delivery. But be rest assured, you will get correct and proper delivery for your order.

Orders once placed cannot be cancelled in any circumstances for physical or e-gift cards.

  1. Physical Cards will get delivered at your doorstep within 7-10 working days after the order is placed
  2. E-cards will be delivered via email within 2-3 working days after the ordered is placed.

Yes, kindly mail us at bulk@pointhai.com with your requirements.

Freebies are nothing but an option to select any item mentioned in list for free while placing the order. You cannot select freebies once you checkout. One needs to select freebies during placing the order. You may or maynot need to pay additional shipping charges for items you select for freebies.

During purchase of gift cards, you shall get reward points if you chose reward points as option during check out. You can collect as many reward points as you want. You can burn reward points from the category mention. Points will be added depending on the brand/gift card and denomination which shall be mention during the purchase.

During purchase of gift cards, you shall get Points Back option and if you check out with this option you shall get very high amount of points in your account. In your next purchase of the same card or any other associate card, amount of points accumulated in first purchase shall get minus during the checkout which shall benefit in great savings.

You can burn rewards from the category mentioned in burn rewards. After you burn the rewards if there are any balance points remaining then that shall be used in your next redemption.

There are very low chances of that happening but if at all it happens due to unavailability of stock or damage in stock then we shall refund you the points back.